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How does “#include” keyword work?

Have you ever wondered :  .#include meaning ? .what is “#include” keyword? .How does #include work? we will discuss it. DESCRIPTION # : is a pound sign which helps to pre-process the program before the compilation include : is a simple directive that tells pre-processor to include the library’s data(i.e. …

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Verify your code with Google test

What is GTEST ? Google Test (also known as gtest for e.g. the ROS environment) is a unit testing library for the C++ programming language, based on the xUnit architecture. The library is released under the BSD 3-clause license. It can be compiled for a variety of POSIX and Windows platforms, allowing unit-testing of C sources as well as C++ with minimal source modification. …

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When to use “explicit” keyword

Use it when the constructor has one and only one argument. » It has meaning only when applied to constructor which can be called with exactly 1 argument provided. (Either it has 1 argument or has default values for all other) Use it only on the default, copy, and move …

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