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Simulation Engine in SystemC

SystemC is applied to system-level modeling, architectural exploration, performance modeling, software development, functional verification, and high-level synthesis. SystemC is often associated with electronic system-level (ESL) design, and with transaction-level modeling (TLM). notify() : Immediate notify(SC_ZERO_TIME), wait(SC_ZERO_TIME) : Delta notify(t), wait(t) : Timed First, elaboration occurs.During elaboration, SystemC modules are constructed …

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What’s the diffrence between notify() and notify(SC_ZERO_TIME)

notify() function in order to trigger event. It can be called with parameters as below. notify() :Immediate notification notify(SC_ZERO_TIME) :Delta notification notify(double v, sc_time_unit tu) :Timed notification In fact, Delta notification is Timed notification with timed value is zero. When an event using Immediate notification, It is implies execution will …

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Unit tests SystemC model with GTest

Base on Google Test , we build a template framework for unit tests systemc model. About some information Google Test, you can refer here By using this framework, you can do unit tests for your model and ensure quality for your product. After download, follow the steps below. Step 1: …

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